CarpetElegant, comfortable and beautifully tactile, carpet never goes out of style. Renowned for its superior noise reducing and insulating qualities, today’s carpet lets you create a home of real distinction.

The quality of a carpet depends on a number of aspects including the type of materials used and the way it is constructed. Choosing the right carpet can be one of the biggest decisions you can make when planning a renovation. Carpet is an ideal selection for most living areas outside of kitchens and bathrooms and there are many factors to consider.

You can select from indoor carpet, carpet tiles and outdoor carpet. 

Carpet can only be bought in lineal/broadloom metres which is generally 3.66 or 4 metres wide. Square metre prices are for you to get estimate cost.

You can check prices between square metre & lineal metres on our website. When placing orders select lineal metres option.

You can buy just product or request for supply & installation free quote. One thing is for sure, you will get best deal.